Someone want to help me come up with a thesis statement?

I need a thesis statement for an essay im doing that is over due. My paragraph is about skateboarding. The history, brands, and famous skaters. I suck at making thesis statements. ANY HELP BEFORE MIDNIGHT?! thanks lol.

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2 Responses to “Someone want to help me come up with a thesis statement?”

  1. predisadvantage says:

    I’ll help you after I finish my OWN mountain load of homework. I’m good at thesis statements. :)

  2. tukra says:

    Example thesis: There are many things that make up skateboarding including its history, brands, and famous skaters.Your first/intro paragraph should have your thesis statement. If you were to use that exact thesis statement, then in your first body paragraph talk about the history of skateboarding. Then the second body paragraph talk about the brands of skateboards. Then in the third body paragraph talk about the famous skateboarders. In the conclusion, restate your thesis without repeating it word-for-word. For example: The history of skateboarding, the brands of skateboards, and famous skaterboarders are all what have made skateboarding what it is today. Just remember that whatever order you list these topics in in your thesis statement, should be the order in which you talk about them in your essay. Good luck!