Do I have a chance at getting into Brown University?

Obviously, I'm applying to other colleges as well. Brown University is my reach school, but they've been sending me a lot of e-mails and letters, so I have to meet SOME requirement to receive notifications from them, right?I just started senior year. My overall unweighted GPA is 3.47, and I have a 3.99 weighted GPA. I'm taking 3 AP classes this year, and every single one of my other classes has been an honors class. I've been in California Scholarship Federation for 3 years, Key Club for 3 years, and Future Business Leaders of America for 2 years. I played basketball for 2 years, and I've played piano for 11. I have 500+ volunteer hours. I went to China for 3 weeks to volunteer with mentally disabled students this summer, and volunteer at my church and school every weekend. I got a 2050 on my SAT after taking it twice. I have a part time job that I've had since April. I've received Honor Roll every semester of high school, as well as Principal's list (highest honor roll) for 5 semesters. I'm in the top 14% of my school. I've received the National Hispanic Recognition award that only 2 people in my school of over 4000 received, and I've been nominated for NHS. I LOVE to write, and hope to deliver well in my essay for school.I don't know what else to include, but based on these, do I have anywhere near a chance to being accepted into Brown?

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  1. godish says:

    of course you have a chance and if you want to go there put it first on your college list