I need help on GREEK RELIGION! Greeks help me out here:)?

Im writting an essay on the Greek Religion i need to know about Zeus... how they have a variety of religions....how they beleive theirs no afterlife... animal sacrafice, festivatls, rituals and lastly about their epic poems of homer. ! if you know of any good websites.. or could give me a long list of information id owe u big time.. i'll answer your questions and even chose u for the best answer :)

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  1. SPAIN'S says:

    I think if you google these words ‘ancient greek religion’ ‘ancient greek gods’ ‘homer’ etc you’ll get many websites. I don’t know a specific one. But even an encyclopedia will have plenty of info on your topic.Zeus was the king of the 12 olympian gods (6 women 6 men). Hera was the queen his wife. And the rest were:Poseidon (sea god) Hermes, Apollo, Ares(war god) Hephaestus, Demeter, Aphrodite,Artemis,Hestia,Athena(goddess of wisdom). Pluto (god of the underworld) was not among the 12 Olympians but was very important too.They had one religion, not a variety. They worshipped these 12 gods and a lot of other minor deities. The Romans who came after the greeks had the same pantheon as well.The ancient greeks did believe in the afterlife however. Who told you they didn’t?Anyway, Try Wikipedia.

  2. fordoing says:

    Look up ” Greek Gods ” on Wikipedia and follow the links that gives you , it is all in there .

  3. quickwork says:

    If you are referring to the ancient Greek religion, the Dodekatheon( twelve gods), wiki has a descent article. If you want to start from the top take a look at Theogony(birth of the gods) by Hesiod, a poem that explains the Genealogy of the Greek gods, starting with Chaos and ending with the Olympians. Should you have any specific questions after researching these, feel free to email me.After the Dodekatheon came Christianity. After the East–West Schism, we adopted the Greek Orthodox dogma and has been our major religion ever since.