What are some types of DNA?

I have to write a 3 page essay, and i need to discuss types of DNA.i found chromosomal and mitochondrial, but their explanations online don't make sense to me.are there any other types and could you describe the two i mentioned?please and thank you(:

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  1. pomatum says:

    There are 2 main types of DNA, eukaryotic and prokaryotic DNA. In prokaryo, the DNA is in the cytosol. It is usually circular, and they only have 1 DNA. In Eukaryo, the DNA are enclosed in nucleus, and have more complexed structures. For example, human have 46 chromosomes, and 23 pairs.You might also find chloroplast DNA and mitochondrial DNAs as well. They are thought to be originated as a prokaryo, and have symbiotic relationship with bigger cells, being engulfed into the bigger/more complex cells. The mitochondria provides the cell with energy in form of ATP, and the host cell provides a safe/staple environment, as well as food. The chloroplast does similar things, it provides food to the host cell, and gain safety or material from the host cell. Hope that helps! :)