Some “To Kill A Mockingbird” Questions please help!?

I have to write an honors english essay on to kill a mockingbird, i'm pretty much finished but i want to check and see if i have all the info correct.. here are the questions:While reading To Kill a Mockingbird, pay close attention to the following characters and write a paragraph describing Scout's changing opinion of each-Atticus Finch-Mrs. Henry Lafayette Dubose-Mr. Dolphus Raymond-Mayella Ewell-Boo RadleyBriefly describe:-Dill-Calpurnia-Tom Robinson-Bob Ewell-Maudie Atkinson-The CunninghamsHow is the title of the novel significant? Who are the mockingbirds?If you can answer any of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated thanks!

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    How is the title of the novel significant?Who are the Mockingbirds?The mockingbirds are Dill,Jem,Tom Robinson,and Boo RadleyThe title is sig. because a mockingbird is a symbol for innocence. In the story all the mockingbirds loose their innocence and its like “killing a mockingbird”.