Why am I proud of my C grade when I usually get A*s?

I felt so happy today when I got a C on my English essay, when I always get As and A*s. In fact, that was my first grade below a B and I was happier than I could have been had I got an A*, like everyone expects. My friends thought this was really weird. Why am I so happy about a C? :/

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4 Responses to “Why am I proud of my C grade when I usually get A*s?”

  1. prophesied says:

    because now you will come in the ‘normal’ category! Also the pressure is off now, anything you do now will be acceptable! Its hard to describe but I know what you are saying! Its a relief……

  2. toxiferous says:

    Either your starting not to care as much, and slack.Or, you tried really hard and you know you did your best.

  3. aminoquinoline says:

    that’s me when i get my report card, you might have struggled on your essay and knowing that you didn’t fail is an accomplishment

  4. cameraman says:

    maybe you really struggled with the essay and are just happy that you passed :)