Whenever I save a file…?

I have several a.p. classes and because getting an assignment in on time, I usually have at least one or two backup files at school. For instance, I will save a copy of an essay on box.net and a flash drive that I carry with me. My problem is that two save to both my hard drive and my flash/box.net drives takes lot's of copying and pasting and, with the number of files I have, a long time. Is there a way that I can have MS Word or any other program save to both my hard drive and flash drive at the same time?

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2 Responses to “Whenever I save a file…?”

  1. roarke says:

    Sorry, but there isn’t such a feature in any program I know of.

  2. dandl'd says:

    I don’t think so.But even if you could, it would still have to copy the file to two different places, so it would still take the same amount of time.