What is the opposing view of my research argument essay?

HelloI am writing a research argument essay where I will be changing the opinion of a reader who holds a different view. I will persuade that it is a great idea to allow immigrants hold a valid driver's licese issued by a state (Example, New York). My professor said my paper was coming out great hoewever, he wants me to add the opposing view. I'm a bit confused by this? What is the opposing view?

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5 Responses to “What is the opposing view of my research argument essay?”

  1. calorics says:

    The opposing view is the opposite of what you are trying to say. So, you say immigrants should have a valid license. The opposing argument would be why they SHOULD NOT be allowed by have one. Good luck!

  2. aphonics says:

    The opposing view is the opinion of the reader so you must put yourelf in that place.

  3. fir says:

    I don’t know. Have you thought the assistance that the gov’t gives? (Although I am not opposed to this.)

  4. deguire says:

    I think what you are looking for are some specific arguments against giving an illegal immigrant a driver’s license. Here are a couple of points:1. Giving an illegal immigrant a valid license condones other people to break the law and enter the U.S. illegally.2. The illegal immigrant who already broke the law is getting rewarded and is being granted a right that should only belong to people in the U.S. legally.A quick search on google should show you many other reasons against giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses.

  5. spodogenic says:

    Basically since you are for immigrants getting a valid license then the opposing view would either be them not being able to get a valid license and why and also you could mention that they have valid ID if not a license for that state. Sounds interesting…good luck!