Which should I get – a Dell Inspiron or a MacBook Pro/Air?

First of all, I won't be able to get either of these before late December, since that's when my birthday is and I'm broke, so I can't get them before that. I've talked to a bunch of my Mac-using friends, and they all highly recommend getting a MacBook Pro. Personally, I'd love to get an Apple computer, since they look to be quite reliable and fast. However, another one of my friends has a Dell Inspiron that runs Windows 7, and he loves it. I've sort of been turned off by Dell computers since I have one right now (Inspiron mini, worst computer ever), but he seems to be fine. The majority of my computer's use will be for:~web browsing~music (iTunes, I've had an iPod for years)~The Sims 3 (I play this game A LOT, it's really important to me that my computer runs it. My friend has a MacBook Pro and she still plays it though, so that shouldn't be an issue)~video chatting (with the built in webcam.. part of the reason I'd like a MacBook, it has a good camera)~word processing (I'm a high school student so I'll need it for reports, essays, etc.)I'd be getting the 13" model of either, no matter what. I realize that the Dell is probably much cheaper, but I feel like I'd be getting more for my money if I went with the MacBook Pro. Also, I've heard that the MacBook Air isn't as good as the MacBook Pro.. if I were to get an Apple, which would be better? And if I were to get a MacBook, would it be better to get iWork, Microsoft Word, or both pre-installed?

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8 Responses to “Which should I get – a Dell Inspiron or a MacBook Pro/Air?”

  1. pseudoporphyritic says:

    Iv had all 3dell sucks so badly i cant even explainslow as crap, horrible resolution, horrible battery power, heavy as ****macbook air was very good – but to delicate for my tastei now have the macbook pro and literally have never been happierit beats any computer i have ever hadany hp’s toshibas, and dellsif your gonna get a windows computer id go with an hp thoughdell is just the crappiest of all windows computersthe macbook pro is an all around win not heavy, very fast, lots of memory, great resolution and screen picturego to a mac store and play around with it – theyl have to pry you away from it ;) go to any other store, like best buy and try a dell – youl kill it in frustration (keep in mind that the ones they have out are there to be played on – remember it looks fast – but the moment you download something itl slow you down)i keep my mac on almost all the time – i just shut the liditunes and anything else i need are always at my dockstarting up takes about a millisecond =Pabsolutely best desicion ever !=)lol hope this helpsand mac is definitly worth the money – iv had mine since december and still as good as new – i gave my old dell to my brother who borrowed my mac for a day and then threw out the dell and got a macbook pro =Pdell feels like a waste of money because it slows down too fast

  2. Neomylodon says:

    If you want a laptop that just meets your requirement above, buy the DellIf you want more and excess power which isn’t necessary for you buy the Mac, also if you want windows 7 to run of your Mac you can use Bootcamp but you will need to buy a edition of Windows 7 ( containing a license and Disc) in order to install it.I’ve never used iWork before, always hooked to Microsoft Office. I would choose you Microsoft Office because i’m more familiar with it. You can always use OpenOffice though, its free

  3. sdapref says:

    I’d say go with a Macbook Pro. Both the Air and Pro would be good for your purposes, except for one thing. Sims. The Air doesn’t have a disk drive, or much space. Sims will run better on the Pro, for sure.

  4. unreported says:

    I prefer PCs. Just my opinion. I know that anything that competes with a Mac or is nearly as pricey (I’m guessing you are going in the $800+ range if you are cross-shopping with a Mac). I think that most Macs don’t come with WordMac, you have to buy that or download OpenOffice (free program online that doesn’t work very well). Same with the Dell. Anyway, I think the Mac is built for ease of use, but in my experience, their products aren’t very reliable and don’t last. Sorry for being a little biased, but I just prefer the PC interface and find it easier to complete certain tasks on a PC, even though you may have to search for a while. Most people hate PCs because they either have Vistas or old XPs. I’ve heard Win7 is great. Video chatting shouldn’t be that hard on the Dell (I use Skype video chat on my PC all the time, you can download Skype on PCs and Macs), but Macs, once again, are built for ease of use. I don’t have much more to say, other than Google Chrome is the best web browser (unrelated) and Sims should work on both, same with iTunes, works seamlessly on my Dells. Good luck! Sorry if I just told you what you already knew!

  5. frazer says:

    This Apple MacBook Pro MC700LL/A is really great computer. Case is solid,keyboard is superb, design is excellent. I used Mac’s before at work and PC’s at home, and I always thought that MAC is to expensive. But after buying this one I think it is really worth it. I was considering first buying 15″ one; but that one is just to big and to expensive. This one is best deal. Just bought the i5 and upgraded ram to 8GB. I purposely tried to slow it down with parallels, hand brake (ripping a DVD) , and youtube. I couldn’t do it, I was running faster than a wanted man from the law.

  6. indycam says:

    Windows and Mac OS/x are the worlds worst and most insecure systems but people think they are the best, they need to do some serious researchWhen it comes to the over priced over rated Mac they are no different from any other Intel manufactured laptop they all have the same Intel components motherboards, processors graphic chips memory hard drives, Mac users are brainwash with the publicity,Advice get a cheaper Intel laptop, install the worlds fastest operating system on it, then you will see that window or Mac OS/x can’t match it for speed,. if you already have a computer then you can test it you can download it from here for FREE [external link]

  7. waxer says:

    Definitely go with the the Mac.~Web Browsing- EXTREMELY fast!~Itunes- Made by apple so runs much better on an Apple computer~The sims- I play it a ton and it works perfectly and its very speedy~Video Chatting- Best camera available for a laptop~Word Processing- Buys iWorks(mac version of Microsoft word, Excel, and powerpoint) it has everything you need and very user friendly~The 13″ is a perfect size, very compact but large enough screen for great visibility.~With everything you want the MacBook Pro will work better for you, the Air is great but no disk drive and not as much spaceHope this helped!

  8. proclaimable says:

    Get a MacBook Air. Not only is it reliable since it is made of a unibody aluminum design, it is the standard for Apple’s next generation Mac laptops. Since it uses solid state drives, the lack in the processing power is made up, because SSDs are up to 2x as fast as the hard drives found in MacBook Pros and other laptops. The GPU on the Air should run the Sims 3 amazingly.Performance should be increased even more after the highly anticipated update with Sandy Bridge processors in the coming months. The lack of the DVD drive is made up because of the iTunes store, and the Mac App Store, and its stellar design. In the case that you NEED a DVD drive, the Air has the option of an external DVD drive. You can also share another PC or Macs DVD drive in the MacBook Air.Get iWorks pre-installed. For all intents and purposes, I find that I use Pages and Keynote far more than Word or Powerpoint. I don’t use Excel or Numbers very often. iTunes also performs better on the mac then in Windows. By the time you buy the MacBook Air, it should be shipping with Mac OS X Lion, the new version of Mac OS, which beats Windows 7 by far. The new MacBook Airs are also anticipated to have HD web cams, which you don’t commonly find in laptops. The new MacBook Airs are also supposed to be a bit cheaper.