ESSAY HELP? What were Canada’s views on treating Germany in the Treaty of Versailles?

I already know Canada was represented in the peace conference as a country, not a colony, and how that is significant. BUT can anyone tell me if Canada's representatives had an opinion on the bad deal Germany was getting in the Treaty? Also, if you could give me a link on where I can learn more that would be most helpful.

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2 Responses to “ESSAY HELP? What were Canada’s views on treating Germany in the Treaty of Versailles?”

  1. frustrations says:

    who cares…the whole country was like 12 million people…little more than the total number who died and no where near the 60 million who fought

  2. toronbo says:

    At the time, World War I was the bloodiest war in history; and Canada suffered more casualties in that war than all the other conflicts we have ever been involved in combined. From a population of 8 people million we had lost almost 67,000 Canadians killed; and over 200,000 wounded, with many of these wounded permanently disabled. An entire generation of Canadians had been slaughtered due to German agression. As far as the average Canadian in 1918 was concerned the Germans had started the war and there was very little interest in Canada for leneincy for Germany..