What laptop should i buy !?!?!?

I need a laptop that will do me for school work and internet browsing. Good battery life would be useful and a nice size keyboard for typing out essays quickly :). I NEED something reliable as well dont want some crap model that will see problems within the first month! Need an experts advice here. My budget is maximum £700. Thank you so so much.

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6 Responses to “What laptop should i buy !?!?!?”

  1. overadorned says:

    an Acer netbook is great for that

  2. vscreen says:

    I think you should buy asus laptop

  3. trenchant says:

    I would recommend sticking with a brand like HP or Toshiba… they make good laptops and you can get a decent one within your price range, probably even less. Stay away from brands like Acer and Dell though, as they are prone to problems. Hope I could help!

  4. men-kae says:

    sony vaio series – 13-14 inch screens ..best quality brand on market. had 3 vaios none of them ever broke down price around 400-800£ [external link] have vaio CW at work 14inch ..red color very nice laptop

  5. masseuses says:

    i use asus f81se it’s good but my friend just bought acer 4745g and it is very good and also not too expensive. IMHO

  6. apophysis says:

    an Acer netbook is great for that, [external link] …