Who should I write a mini-biography on?

I am to write an essay on a person of my choice for english, only I cant think who to do. So im looking for some examples of names, either modern or iconic.

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12 Responses to “Who should I write a mini-biography on?”

  1. discoursiveness says:

    It’s an election year, but instead of doing a mini-bio on the leaders everyone knows, how about doing one on one of the more obscure candidates. Every election there are dozens of folks who run, but hardly get any publicity at all. You could do a search for “lesser known candidates” and “2008.” You could also do a bio on Pat Paulson. He is (or was… not sure if he is still alive) a comedian who ran for president for many years. Either way, a lot of these guys are real characters and make for a very interesting read.

  2. stace says:

    Elie Wiesel. hes a holocaust survivor. you’d be able to get a lot of information on his life and it is extremely interesting/personal

  3. atchison says:

    Helen Keller

  4. apostacies says:

    Mother Theresa Michael Faraday Leonardo da Vinci Marilyn Monroe St. Columba J F Kennedy Winston Churchill Shakespeare Queen Victoria Michael Jackson Elvis Twiggy…………………Look at the things that interest you and you may find someone you would enjoy writing about and then feed their name into the internet search. Hope this helps.

  5. acetylenation says:

    They have just unveiled a statue of Tommy Cooper in Wales,,,,,what about,,,doing a small piece on him,,,,

  6. interventive says:


  7. rslater says:

    Martin Luther King Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Will Smith,etc. Famous people your bound to find something on. :D

  8. quadrituberculate says:

    ME!no umm…. russell brand cause he is hotwhat do u like doing?i did a mini biography before so try do it on someone who you like or no a lot about. heres some ideas =football player = john terry!singer/band = hayley williams from paramoreactor get the idea…..good luck with itbyebyexxx

  9. lhundup says:

    Winston Churchill William ShakespearNelson Mandela Ian FlemingPrincess Diana Lewis CarollMother Theresa GandhiRoald Dahl JK RowlingElvis Presley The Bronte FamilyDoctor Who Jamie OliverBjorn Borg PeleThe website below might help you as well. How about your Your favourite Author or Your Favourite Band.Good Luck with your essay and let us know how you get on.

  10. coshima says:

    Father Dougal Maguire. He’s lurking on here somewhere give him a shout

  11. nullah says:

    Howzabout Margaret Thatcher. She was the very first female prime minister and therefore, a very interesting person to write about. You will get loads of information about her on-line and in the library. She was know as the Iron Lady. Good luck with your essay.

  12. fillips says:

    Barack Obama