How to start a rebuttal paragraph?!?

For my English exam I have to write a persuasive essay and in this persuasive essay I have to include a 'rebuttal' paragraph where I address the views of the opposing argument. I am stuck on how to introduce this without using 'although my opinion is..' since we are not allowed to use I, me, my or anything in the first person :/ help would be great as it is first thing tomorrow morning!

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  1. clinandria says:

    This used to be one of my personall favourites in debates:”Ladies and Gentlemen, we can all agree that after hearing ______’s argument, that there are some flaws that we should take into account. Firstly, i would like to point out the fact that___________________________.My team and i strongly believe that____________. Due to the common sense that obviously subsides on the team that i support, the opposing teams argument is irrelevant and something that can be argued against….etc. etc.Hope this helps:) But seriously….use thigs like “We can all agree that…..” and “Common sense and Realism….ladies and gentlemen, these are the things that my opposing teams argument LACKS!” etc.If you liked this and used it….PLEASE like or make best answer:)