I need help on my essay?

It is a comparison and contrast essay. It is about the short story the birds and the film the birds.This is what i have and i already know that it sucks im not asking for opinoins im asking for help. PLEASE. Person that gives the most help will receive the 10 points.

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  1. outsmarted says:

    Ok.First off lets get organised here.First of all compare the storyline of the book & the film.Forget about character names for this, and just make it a skeleton.1 paragraph outlining the plot of the book & 1 paragraph for the plot of the film. Then make note of any main similarities or discrepancies.Then do a comparison of the characters.Start off with :In “The Birds”, by Daphne du Maurier the main characters are ….Character names and who they play.Mitch Brenner is a lawyer living in SF who visits his sister & mother in Bodega Bay….(cut out the describing words like “hard working” lawyer – its too much)Nat Hocken is a farmer with a wife & two kids.Once you have outlined the main characters in the book & film, go on to compare & contrast the storyline of each.This kind of thing takes practice & the more you do it the better you become.I know it seems like you will never use it in real life but you will use it all the time, every day. It teaches you what the important information is & what is irrelevant. It teaches you how to compare & contrast many things – not just books & films.Good luck.