I need help on my essay can someone be glad to help me out?

I need to write a little essay there is times where I cant really understand what Im reading my family help me out and explain things to me but sometimes they don't know the answer this is what I need to do.1. Write a brief essay describing some of the ways the Romans adapted and adopted Greek culture to form Greco-Roman culture. Choose two of the categories below and give specific examples that include Greek influences on Roman achievements.• Religion (aspects the Romans copied or adapted)• Literature (Roman writers and how their works were similar to or different from Greek works)• Sculpture and painting (Greek conventions and Roman developments)• Architecture (Greek design influences and Roman innovations)Last time I did something about the Greeks but this time I want to do Roman Literature and Religion can someone give me some advice or something PLEASE

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    Literature – The Aeneid from Virgil was (in a way) a rip off of Homer’s Iliad. It told the trojan war from their perspective (not the Greeks as did Homer) and details their adventures as they go to Italy to found the city that would later become Rome.I don’t know much else.