What is the american perspective on The Cold War?

I'm writting an essay on communism vs capitalism and can't find any articles or things on the american point of view, only the soviets.

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4 Responses to “What is the american perspective on The Cold War?”

  1. disapparel says:

    Hi Elley, In the political tract the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx describes communism as the party that “fights for the interests of the working class” while capitalists are considered “dependent and have no individuality — only capital is dependent and has individuality”. Both of Marx’s statements are true in nature but when the two economic systems are put in practice, they quickly disintegrate into the same end result today, that is to say that most communistic nations fail while capitalists flourish. There will never be a pure version of capitalism or communism. However, capitalism, despite its many flaws, has a proven track record; while communism has failed in practice. An argument can be made for reformation of the current system to eliminate some of its flaws, but a switch to communism would not only not solve the world’s problems but most likely cause many more. [external link] …

  2. eristics says:

    If it’s the Cold War you’re after, the two major thinkers involved in developing U.S. policy towards the Soviets in the years after WWII were George Kennan and Paul Nitze. Google those two guys and that will give you a reasonable starting point.

  3. floridean says:

    You may check out the following papers on communism vs. capitalism to get some ideas for your paper

  4. nicko says:

    The American perspective was one of ideology, civil rights, and economic superiority.