Thesis Statement for Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing?

I am writing an essay about Much Ado about Nothing. Here is my current thesis statement:In Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing, Benedick, who has very strong views on women and marriage, is forced to view himself from another’s perspective, and as a result reconsiders his original thoughts and is motivated to change. How does it look? I feel like I might just be proving plot. Any suggestions? 10 points for the best answer :)

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  1. quinellas says:

    I think from this thesis it appears you’re only going to argue that he changed because of being in another’s perspective. What else are you going to use to argue your point, or what are the points about him being in another’s perspective that makes him change? You want to make sure your thesis tells the reader *everything* your essay is going to be about, and how your essay will be laid out. Your thesis should almost be like a mini outline for the reader. This would be an excellent thesis if you were only going to have one paragraph.