What am I to do after my IGCSE Exam nothing is working out please may you kindly let me know your advise?

I am a student studying IGCSE subjects right now, I have messed up my choices before because I had a confused mind at that time I had OCD and it was such a hurry to choose. I love Music and Drama but instead I took Technology resistant materials which I have dropped now and Religious studies which turned out to me to be a really dead subject. I mean I love religion but the way they teach it makes me feel sick. I am to lie to myself and prostitute my mind into writing exactly what the exam need me to write. If I ever include philosophies or deeper explanations I get points taken off me. For English I have a problem too because whenever I go into philosophical points it is normally a little difficult to understand. I have to admit I am very very interested in Philosophy however since I am studying in a Western based school. (I respect Western culture though) But it's just that the way I express myself it is not easy for teachers to understand. (You can take a look at my Yahoo Answers question in my profile if you wish.)Everyday I am studying and reading books about Philosophy and Martial Arts but when I go back to school subjects the teaching might be interesting in truthful words but the marks are never there. And I just didn't really study what I don't feel is right which are my school subjects.Currently my GPA is 4 something which is not enough for the IB Diploma I know, but now even BTec Performing arts they do not allow me because of my old history. But I have changed so much since my old days, but the education at school are just trying to stuff rigid knowledge into our minds and if we start believing in it, well that's it I become like a Robot. Now the school is planning a sort of program for me to study:BTec Level 2 courseJamie Oliver's Home Cooking CourseASDAN Bronze or Silver Award: Personal Fitness, Environmental Awareness, Home Management and Money Management.Work SkillsFitness Sessionsand Work Experience again!When I asked my teacher about University he tells me that he do not think I would be going to University and it's not the right place for me. But however when I look at what my Friend is studying in University Philosophy it is all very interesting to me. I know I can spend hours reading anything related to Philosophy but my teacher does not agree. He says he knows me and there are always going to be parts of the subject I don't like and I will just not do it.He says I lack self discipline. And tells me if I am to read and write an Essay about Ancient Greek Philosophy I won't do it. Please I do not know what to do, the only way is that if I can do well in my final IGCSE exam then there is a chance of me changing schools.But I researched and could not really find a subject that will offer Martial Arts Studies (If there is such topic), or Drama, since I love acting very much. I had good grades back then but they think I will be that immature naughty boy as I were before. Please advise me please sorry I wrote so much but I will keep you in heart! Just keep in touch.

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  1. tentacula says:

    since u have passion for theatre arts please concentrate on it. u need to study very hard to get the grades that is necessary to enter uni. dont worry about the subject just aim to score high. ignore teacher’s advice that u cant make it to uni. u can if u know the odds. prove them wrong. just focus. avoid junk food. eat brain food. apportion time between studies and others. just slog it out now. then the future will be clearer after the results. http://www.virtuesproject.com will show u your strengths that u can build on. all the best.