5 reasons why to take Canadian History?

We have to write a essay about 5 reasons why to take Canadian history. Please list some interesting reasons. Thanks for the help!?

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  1. exempte says:

    At least five reasons in here. [external link] …

  2. macromolecule says:

    In my view there are too many reasons to list, but I will give you five of the ones I believe to be most important:1. Nearly all four year degree programs in Canadian universities require at least a 100 level course in Canadian history or Canadian Studies.2. Canada has one of the most successful mulitcultural policies in the world. Why and how did we ever become the multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society that we are today? Hey, don’t get me wrong. We have difficulties and problems but compare our policies and reality to any other country and we come out at or near the top.3. There have been many, many injustices in Canada. I am proud of the fact that in most cases we are confronting them and in many cases are in the process of reconcilitation.4. Canada’s military contributions to both peacekeeping missions and war have been stellar. Our contributions in WW 1 and WW 2 are as great as any of the world powers when you consider our small population, economic stature and the eventual sacrifice.5. How have we survived cultural and economic dominance by our neighbour, the United States? I am always astounded at the profound differences between our two societies. Sure, we watch the same crap out of Hollywood, eat the same junk food and speak the same dumbed down form of English, but Canadians and Americans are two very different animals. We love hockey, they like baseball – we have universal health care, they have people declaring bankruptcy and losing their homes because they cannot pay their hospital bills, we have a left of centre party that consistently garners 10 – 20 percent of the vote in federal elections – they are so frightened of the word socialism that even Democrats quake in there boots. In all seriousness, though, all countries come from fascinating pasts. I believe studying Canadian history helps us understand why we are who we are.