Persuasive essay topics for “Is technology taking over our lives?” question?

Im writing a persuasive essay for my higher folio and am looking for some ideas to include in my essay mostly for the argument to technology is taking over our lives and that we rely on it too heavily in our modern society. Thanks

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  1. Etheostominae says:

    On the one hand: yes, if there was a massive problem, and it all shut down, we’d most likely be properly screwed. We’d probably adapt though. That’s what we do. Maybe some would have withdrawl symptoms but most would get over it… probably ;) Other hand: taking over could be percieved as strong, it does so much useful stuff, and now it is more difficult just to simply /live/ in this world, it makes things easier in busy lives and particularly to keep up socially when you don’t have the time to.But then again it could be argued it leaves social skills unused and underdeveloped (in the case of children/teens).