What can i do to fix my printer?

i have the CanonMF3200 SERIES. for some reason when i print something, my paper will have the info im printing out but also a lighter copy of it on the same page. so like i have a typed essay and the writing id there but on the paper theres a dark shadeed line thing going up and fown the middle of the page w light font letter of my essay. so techniwuely the printer duplicate my wrinting in a lighter shade.

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  1. gigus says:

    With inkjet printers it may be best to run a diagnostic cleaning. or replace the cartridge

  2. Q&JONGD says:

    Assuming that your printer is a laser printer that uses dry ink, the most likely cause of residual image is a bad fuser. The fuser is the component that melts your ink to make it permanent. (It “fuses” the ink to the paper, hence the name.) As the fuser gets older it starts to swell up and doesn’t completely fuse the ink. The leftover ink goes on to the heat roll and then reprints the image (faintly) a little farther down when the roll comes back around. This is a common problem, but it can be expensive to repair. Many printers these days are designed to allow the customer to replace the fuser themselves. You may be able to order it from Canon but please be cautious because:YOUR FUSER OPERATES NORMALLY IN A TEMPERATURE RANGE FROM AROUND 360-400 DEGREES FARENHEIT! You can get some pretty nasty burns tinkering with it. If you choose to replace your own fuser, be sure to unplug and let your printer cool down for 30 minutes or so before changing it.Of course, if yours is an inkjet, disregard the whole thing.