Do you think I have a good chance of getting into Brown University?

SAT score: 2120 (800 math, 670 CR, 650 writing) --> retaking this weekend.SAT subjects: 800 on math II and 760 on chemistryclasses in school:honors math, honors english, honors biology, honors chemistry, honors physics.AP english lang -- 3, not great, i know.AP US History -- 4AP Chemistry -- 4This year (as a senior) i'm taking AP Physics, English Lit, Calculus, and Spanish.My unweighted average is a 96.My rank is within top 10% of my class (not top 5% though).*Note: I go to a really small school - my graduating class is only about 150 people.extracurriculars:sports for 2 years (out of 4)french club (i take spanish and french at school)environmental club (vice president for 2 years)human rights club (vice president for 2 years)school newspaperMock trial teamnational honor societycommunity service - i do a lot of volunteering with kids because i want to be a teacher.alsoooo. a few other factors that may be important:1. in the past 3 years, only 1 person from my school (out of the 8 that applied) got accepted to brown.2. there is another student at in my class that is applying to brown ED. i'd say my academics are slightly better than his, but for extra curriculars, he started his own organization.3. i'm asian.i'm applying brown university early decision and i'm wondering what you think my chances of acceptance are? i know that a LOT of well qualified students are rejected since brown is a prestigious school. if my essays are pretty good, do you think i'll get accepted, or at least put on wait-list until regular decision? do you think i'll get accepted then? thanks!

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2 Responses to “Do you think I have a good chance of getting into Brown University?”

  1. unformularizable says:

    I’m going to take this a whole different direction than you may have anticipated. If you are going to be a teacher consider the wages you are likely to earn and compare that to the cost of your college loans. If you get a lot of funding then go for it. However, if you or your parents have to foot the bill ask yourself if the “juice is worth the squeeze”. You can go to a State university, get certified to teach with your BA and it will be a lot cheaper to do so. If you have good interview skills, and a good GPA public school administrators won’t care that you went to a State college. If when you said teacher, you were referring to a college professor, then going to Brown would matter more. How much a teacher earns is based on where they live, even down to the county (let alone the state). I’d figure out where you want to live, how much teachers there earn, and go from there.

  2. sequestratrix says:

    I think you should get accepted considering, but only problem, small but yes, might be rank issues. top 5% would have definitely helped. Also, try to get good teacher recommendations — Don’t forget that. Do not expect any university scholarships though, because it’s like for 2400s and valedictorians. You have a good academic profile, regarding the classes you are taking, and considering that your SAT scores would increase. And, i hope you mainly have As in your AP classes, that is important.