Need help on essay on Morality?

i have to divide the types moral and write an essay describing it.i only found 2 types, absolutism and realism . if you have any ideas please tell me and how and what would you write about the types of morals

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  1. wellbred says:

    Morality for some is a set of rules. For others, morality is based upon a set of principles. Some accept morality as the teachings of parents or society. Others believe every individual is capable of determining morality. Some believe that what is relevant to the discussion of morals is that you can believe what you want until it affects someone else. Others believe that morality includes private ideas that may affect only the individual holding the idea. The topic of morality makes many people uncomfortable. Many people believe morality is a private issue and that no one has a right to make a judgment about someone else’s moral decision. This respect for the rights of others to determine what affects only them seems appropriate and necessary. However, when someone claims to make a moral decision that has effect upon others conflict between moral positions needs to be resolved. Essentially, it seems likely that morality can be placed into two major categories. The major difference in these two types of morality is their origin. From either an inductive origin or a deductive origin different modes of morality are formed. This table is to serve as a beginning place to examine some of the concepts underpinning moral positions. You can also go here( [external link] … for more info. Hope this helps. Good Luck!