In the play, Julius Caesar…?

Okay, now bare with me here.So i am writing an essay over the signs and symbols of Julius Caesar and i have a few questions, to get ideas flowing and all.Was Julius Caesar going to become king?Like i know he was offered the crown but was he gonna be king or...?What form of Government did they have during the play? I know Brutus wanted a Democracy, but did they even have one before they killed caesar?What form of government would it have been if Caesar was crowned?Since the essays over signs and symbols ( Ex. Calphurnias dream, ect.) Could you list any possible signs or symbols you can think of? I got most of this essay done.. im just a little stuck right now, so if you know a thing or two about Julius Caesar, please help. (Btw, i've preformed parts of the play, read it, and watched it on video so i know this play so no need to be too specific [Explaining each part or anything] )

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  1. firebolted says:

    Julius Ceasar was a dictator, he refused the crown to seem humble.They would have a monarchy technically if he was crowned, because monarchys have kings and queens.signs or symbols include men walking around set on fire, that whole weird scene (symbol of doom) ceasars ghost (symbol of brutus’s regret), when the plabeins killed that man named Cassius just because of his name! (Symbol of chaos in the people)

  2. basiarachnitis says:

    One thing to remember is that Shakespear was a playwriter not a historian and was more interested in writing an entertaining story than he was historical authenticity. The Romans had a lot of Greek influence and incorporated that in with their own militant ideas. It was pretty much a democracy for the wealthy few men. If you want historical authenticity you need to read about the biography of Julius Ceasar himself and talk to your history teacher.