Is she even allowed to do this!?

Okay, so last Friday, my English class was talking, and my teacher doesn't tolerate disrespect in her classroom. So she gave us a one-page essay to do over the weekend, fair enough. I forgot all about it and didn't do it, so on Monday she said to bring in a two-page essay now on Tuesday before homeroom (we have midterms all week, and my bus comes late; I'd rather get to my exams on time than go all the way to her room to bring her an essay!) So I decided not to do it on Monday anyway, because I didn't feel like typing two pages of nonsense. Then on Wednesday I didn't bring it to her either. Today, I had her English exam and on the board she wrote all the kid's names who didn't hand it in, and said that it's a 3 page essay due tomorrow first thing in the morning, and we're getting 30 points taken off our WHOLE third quarter grade! And if we don't do it then further disciplinary action will be taken against us. TL;DR basically, is my teacher allowed to start off my third quarter grade with a 70 because I didn't do one measly 2 page essay? Even if I get 100's on all of my tests and do all my homework, I'll still only pass with a C, is she allowed to do this?!

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4 Responses to “Is she even allowed to do this!?”

  1. nonchurchgoers says:

    teachers can do whatever they want and you deserved it. She gave you a deadline of the first essay you were suppose to turn in and you chose not to do it. She gave you opportunities and you didn’t take them. So maybe you will think about this when you receive a C on your report card

  2. pegeen says:

    Yeah the teacher can do anything with your grades. The best thing to do is all of the work.

  3. algefacient says:

    Usually, there’s no school policy against this kind of stuff. Clearly, she was reaching her breaking point, and there were probably previous warnings to behave before this occured. The most you can do is do the work.

  4. chalcis says:

    Check your handbook to see if there is anything about teachers adding in assignments not told to you at the beginning of the year or not stated on syllabus. There probably won’t be anything, but it is worth a shot. She did give clear instructions, along with a clear consequence- you just have to suck it up and accept the consequence. You are being given chances to make up the grade instead of losing it- you should take it.