Please help! I would like a new laptop but I’m really confused?

I'm off to college in September and I need a new laptop for writing essays in Microsoft Word and researching on the net. I know nothing about PCs and as my laptop has just died on me, I've been browsing in the high street. As I am on a budget, I've been looking at small laptops called 'netbooks'; these seem to be in my price range, but are they any different to a normal laptop?Like I said, all I need is Microsoft Office, internet access, and the ability to connect to a printer. Will one of these 'netbooks' do the job?Thanks!

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5 Responses to “Please help! I would like a new laptop but I’m really confused?”

  1. lanolin says:

    Nope Netbooks are not recommended for college students. Netbooks are only small portable devices for basic internet and emailing. You will be doing a lot of heavy college homework and research. Plus a netbook doesn’t have a CD/DVD tray that is built into the netbook. The power of a netbook and memory is very limited.Honestly, as a college student I would invest in a laptop with at least some type of dual core chip processor, at least 3GB of memory, 160 GB or more of hard drive space with CD/DVD capability. HP makes good laptops. Try visiting your local best buy store and looking around.

  2. sinfonietta says:

    I would say if that is all you are looking for a netbook will work just fine for you but if you want to download a whole bunch of music or movies or play games in the future it will not work as well for you but for just microsoft office and internet access you should be totally fine oh and the memory on those netbooks is not very large

  3. paranitrosophenol says:

    Avoid netbooks! You are better off with a laptop as you can store more information on them & most nowadays have dvd writers. Most laptops have wireless network cards & usual ethernet ports for network/internet connection. If you want ‘roaming’ internet access then get one of those USB internet sticks. My advice (with you being on a budget) is avoid mainstream high street stores i.e. Currys, Dixons, PC World as they are usually more expensive.

  4. cramer says:

    I have a Dell Mini, and it is exactly the same as a normal laptop except smaller (because it has no DVD drive). It works if I connect it to a printer, however you have to buy Microsoft Office separately. It costs about £70 for the Home and Student Edition, which you have to download off the Microsoft Website as there’s no CD Drive. I’ve been really happy with my netbook, and I would strongly recommend the Dell Mini. Hope this helps!

  5. pronominalize says:

    I think the first thing you have to realise is that you will have to pay to get Microsoft Office. At best you will get a trial version.A lot of people seem to want to get netbooks but if I were you I would buy a cheap laptop, maybe even an older model which has been reduced. Typically netbooks have a smaller screen and lower resolution graphics which can be very tiring for the eyes, and may well have smaller disk drives and even lack a CD/DVD drive. Therefore you end up having to buy external USB drives and so end up saving nothing.