I’m writing an essay and I wanted to know which character(any novel) compares to any of Julius Caesar?

I'm writing an essay and is due on Monday, so, I wanted to know is there any characters from any novels that you have read that you can compare with any character in Julius Caesar. (Brutus, Cassius, Caesar, Antony, Calpurnia, Portia, Octavious, etc...) Also, give the reason on why this character from any other novel can be compared to any character from Julius Caesar. If they can be nicely compared, list the characteristics of that character and the character in Julius Caesar.The first answer that I think is the best will get the "BEST ANSWER."

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  1. cavaliers says:

    Nobody comes close to comparing to Julius Caesar in novels or real life. The guy was considered the greatest by his soldiers and he was his own counsel on what to do, spread the Roman Empire to a great level with much building and increased civilization around the known world. Despite the fact it was an Empire with slaves etc, Julius single handedly set up the foundation for much of which has become modern civilization. Apparently he actually gave a damn about the people and the human race which is alot more one can say about similar leaders in different eras in history. We still have the month of July named in his perpetual honor. The other bums you mentioned and most everyone else in major leadership positions have primarily been thinking about themselves and their own aggrandizement– I don’t think anybody can really honestly say that about dear Julius Caesar. When in Rome do as the Romans do. But who really is Rome? None other the super emperor JULIUS CEASAR– All Hail the Roman Ruler of all AGES. .

  2. hookwormer says:

    there was a book written by michael moorcock called; The Swords Trilogy, there is a character in the story that is based on Julius Cesar, the characters name is Gandylth-ah-Krae (not 100% on the characters spelling)