Persuasive Essay on bullying, help?!?

I'm doing an essay on bullying and I have my three arguments (I'm against obviously)1. It leaves mental scars as well as physical scars too2. Bullying is often the cause of people quitting school3. & in some cases it leads to suicide.The thing is I have trouble finding facts about my first argument I'm just stuck there I can elaborate on all my others by with that one I'm just stuck.If you have better agumeaugmentseplace it or just you know facts about bullying could you please please help me?

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    This is someone else’s… You can’t copy this one it’s plagarizing.. but reading this might help you with alot of ideas!Did you know that 1 in every 4 teenagers are bullied somehow in public schools every day? School bullying nationwide is a growing problem. But unfortunately, it wouldn’t be likely that it could be stopped 100%, but it is possible that you can prevent others from being harmed at your school, and if you do this, you make a difference, and you can possibly save lives. There are bullies everywhere. They can be children and they can be adults. A bully is someone who repeatedly intimidates, harasses, discourages, saddens, or harms someone. Though these people come in all shapes and sizes, they seem to be found mostly in public schools, whether it’s elementary, middle, or high school. Studies show that 25-35% of teens encountered some type of bullying in their lifetime (Melton et al, 1988; Nansel et al, 2001). Most of the states of America have some type of laws on bullying, while six of them don’t. Even though there are laws, school bullying still seems to be an ongoing issue. To the bully, it may be just joking around. But to the victim, and in fact, it’s NOT just joking around.A frequently asked question by many is why do teenagers bully? Well, in a lot of cases, teens who bully can be in bad home environments. They can be verbally or physically abused at home, and anger and sadness gradually builds inside of them. They find away to take it out on people, and they usually take it out on people who they know won’t stand up to them. That’s why you see a lot of bullies pick on the quiet people who appear to have low self esteem. But once that happens, a lot can go wrong. If the victim gets bullied repeatedly, they can develop depression. And that’s when they can become unsafe to themselves or to others.When a teenager gets bullied for a long period of time, they can have disturbed thoughts. Some teenagers get so troubled that their actions can be almost impossible to comprehend. In extreme cases, someone, between the bully and the victim, ends up dying. It is usually the victim that takes this action, whether they commit suicide or get revenge. Megan Meier, age thirteen, was repeatedly bullied by her classmates on the popular chatting website called MySpace. Because of bullying, she took her own life in 2006. In 1999, two teenage boys, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, committed a crime that would shock America. Being bullied and depressed for many years, they let the need of revenge get the better of them, and they took lives at their high school in a school shooting of Colorado.Those two accounts show us how dangerous bullying can get, and what consequences it can lead to. And if few attempt to stop bullying, things like this can possibly happen in the future again. While some may not take action now, other bullying victims can be dangerous to society later on and life. Our teenage years can evaluate what our adult years will be like. When we are bullied in our teenage years, our future selves can be damaged. So what can you do to help stop bullying around you? Before you take action, ask yourself some questions. Where does it take place? Who does the bullying? When does it happen? Who is the victim? But before we go any further, I’d like to point out something to all bullying victims. If you ask an adult what to do about a bully, whether it’s a teacher or parent, and get the answer “just ignore it,” don’t go with that answer. Although it is a very common recommendation, ignoring a bully simply doesn’t work in a lot of cases. When a victim pretends not to perceive the abuse, they appear to be weaker through a bully’s eye, and it will just continue. If there isn’t a policy at your school about bullying, get involved as much as you can. Take a stand and share whatever concerns about bullying you have with your administrators (but only if they seem reliable). Another thing you can do is approach the victim of bullying and have a conversation with them. How are they feeling? Who is bullying them? What can you do to help? Not only should students take action, but more importantly adults should too. Teachers are very important in school, not just to teach students, but to be their guider as well. They should sit down with the victim of bullying face to face and ask them their concerns, what they should do. Or if the victim feels more comfortable with a school counselor, they can do that as well. Many national speakers, such as Jodee Blanco, go around schools nationwide to help prevent bullying. This shows us that people do care, and they do understand the effects of school bullying.