Can someone help me on my Macbeth essay?

Hi I have an essay that I need to write on an exam tomorrow. My teacher gave us the prompt in advance so if wanted to make a mental outline before going in we could. The prompt is How does the character's family influence sources of failure in either Macbeth, the other side of the bridge, or the crucible. I chose Macbeth. Does anyone know a thesis statement I could make around that prompt, and three proofs. I'm not expecting you to write the whole thing, just need a start Thanks!

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  1. epiphyllous says:

    First of all, check out sparknotes and Both sites have good study guides on this play. Remember that Macbeth only has one family member in the play, and that is Lady Macbeth. She is the one who shames him into killing Duncan, which is the start of his downfall.