History Question, Can you do a little Research for me? Unless you already know.?

The question is - What were three important innovations of the late nineteenthand early twentieth centuries, and how did each innovation change life in theUnited States?It's an essay Question (You Most defiantly Do not have to write me an essay.) I Just need information about the "3 Innovations" Just enough to Write my essay! This is 8th grade, Thank you so much!

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  1. centrobaric says:

    You can pick from:Electric lighting for the home and distributed AC power. 1877 by Edison and 1884 by Tesla. Provided more hours of clean, efficient lighting and electric motors for appliances and factory tools.Penicillin 1928 by Fleming to cure bacterial infections.Telecommunications from 1845 to 1924 by Morse, Bell, Marconi, Farnsworth and others for business, entertainment and personal contact.Petroleum industry, internal combustion engines and motor vehicles by Drake, Diesel, Daimler, Ford from 1840s to 1910. Rapid transportation, distribution of goods.Heavier than air flying machines by Lilienthal, Whitehead, Langley, Wright Brothers and others from 1891 to 1903.Railroad technology by many from the 1830s on. Better land transport of goods and passengers.Computer technology with programmable instructions by Jacquard, Hollerith, Turing, von Neumann, others, from the early 19th Century on.