How do companies profit from the cancer epidemic?

I'm writing an essay, and basically need to know how companies or industries profit from the epidemic of cancer?

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  1. LIZETTE says:

    just like all other selling the products at a higher than production one is holding back a cure for cancer. there aren’t even any potential cures discussed anywhere, except for DCA which is still in trial stage. whoever made up this question and the person before me is obviously a very biased and unrealistic conflict theorist.

  2. vitellin says:

    I am a CCMAThey profit by not finding a cure because if one was found the pharmaceutical companies would be out of business.Cancer Foundations profit by donations to find a cure

  3. morping says:

    should they make a drug that is very effective or life saving, they make it expensive.

  4. FAXLine says:

    There are many people that say there are cures for certain types of cancer but the drug companies hold such a big part of our economy that they would lose if this was true. If you really stop to think about it, it is easiest to treat the symptoms than find the cause. Drug companies make billions of dollars each year and can only do so because of their medications. I found the following information for you, I hope it helps a little:Drug companies spend an average of $10,000 to $15,000 in marketing per physician per year. They offer doctors office catering, lavish dinners and even free cruises. It has been shown that the factor with the most influence on doctors’ prescribing practice is visits from pharmaceutical representatives. Drug companies fund studies and pay physicians to give talks at conferences, and spend more than twice as much on advertising and marketing as on research. (Family Therapy Network, March 2000 and

  5. intoxicatedness says:

    Yes companies make a profit. Do you work for free? Do you really think there is a conspiracy to avoid curing any disease so that someone can profit? So the thousands of chemists, scientists, and workers in these companies are all in on it? “cancer” a general term for over 300 different types of diseases from cells multiplying out of control. There are many good treatments for some cancer once is starts and they are constantly learning how the human cell works so they can stop them from starting. e.g. vaccine preventing the virus that is the trigger to about 20% of cervix cancers.