What is the best/worst part about being a teenager today?

im doing an essay and ive been asking this question but it seems im not being clear enough. i want to know what teens and adults think the best part is, what advantages or disadvantages teens today have ie: more opportunities or luxuries. and when i say today i mean like in the 21st century.and dont put drama every time period has had drama.

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2 Responses to “What is the best/worst part about being a teenager today?”

  1. flooppy says:

    in general i think that teenagers have advantages in this century, because there are game consoles around and there are loads of activities to do.the only disadvantages are homework from school and not being able to do alot of jobs around for them

  2. Cymry says:

    advantages: not being treated seriosly(somtimes its for our own good), its good for us that we are banned from alchohol and all that stuffdisadvantages: not being treated seriosly, the lack of experience(cant find a job), everything that comes with growing up( do i hav to explain?)