Need an example from history for an essay.?

I'm writing my war essay and I'm trying to think of an example where at some point a state showed intent and had the means to attack another state, but never actually did so.The only example I can think of so far is the Cold War, but that's not quite right because America and Russia didn't actually intend to attack each other; they were just trying to be better than each other because they were afraid of the other state attacking them.So, besides the cold war is their any other examples you guys can think of? I know it is rather hard to find because unless there's a war people don't care as much, but any help would be great.

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  1. thermogeographical says:

    The Roman Empire and the Germans. Resulted in some conflicts.But there was always intent (revenge), and the Romans always had the means. But they did invade a few times.I can’t think of to many others, other than dominance between Athens and Sparta, which resulted in a few wars.Or the Bloods and Crips of LA. A lot of fighting but no real wars.THIS IS A REALLY HARD QUESTION. In history, if it did not lead to war, it was probably not recorded to full extent. Sorry that I’m not really helping you.

  2. turnbuckles says:

    Well I don’t really agree with your cold war assessment, but here are some options for you…….The Cuban Missile Crisis (but really everyone writes about this)Several of the MANY escalation’s between Greece and Turkey in their squabble over Cyrus. (Some of these did result in fighting; but some were cooled off by the UN or other powers) In particular there is the crisis of 67. And I would bet there are also numerous examples in the middle east especially between Israel and its neighbors. But there is and has been A LOT of posturing over there.