Is there anything you have to accomplish by the end of the day?

I have to finish studying for my macro final, write 2 essays and buy something for my friends b-day!

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16 Responses to “Is there anything you have to accomplish by the end of the day?”

  1. vina says:

    these losers dont have lives.

  2. radiobiologic says:

    2 essays, read a book, watch a movie, and make plans for moving. Let’s hope I don’t half-@ss everything.

  3. incenseless says:

    buy certain stuff

  4. polysyndetically says:

    Go to the gym.

  5. CSL-NET says:

    Nope, my final semester is ending for 3 weeks on Friday so I’ve nothing to do.

  6. homogenizes says:

    I need to clean my room…D-:

  7. nonrejoinder says:

    Im chillin playin games ha

  8. mueddins says:


  9. ink-jet says:

    Yeah, ummm i havent said anything stupid.

  10. Calydon says:

    Yeah, smoke a cigarette.It’s late here.

  11. tiveram says:

    Yes, I have to beat this very difficult level, on my video game!

  12. Africanize says:

    GTL then find some dudes who are DTF

  13. abutilon says:

    Tomorrow : Get This New Guy I Like To Talk To Me ♥

  14. mercia says:

    Yes, my German homework. But Y!A is taking control!

  15. birbiri says:

    I need to get through 4 weeks with of Mathematical computing tutorials, and 4 weeks worth of the laboratories so that I can start my assignment which is due Friday, **Sighs**

  16. DeLoach says:

    one history essay, a history essay re-draft and tidy my room, all very exciting