Need help with history..thanks!?

42. Americans became convinced that the failure of the Articles of Confederation meant that they needed a (a) stronger central government. (b)Stronger state government (c) Stronger Military(d) Bigger territorial expansions45. The Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, could not function effectively becauseI. It had no power to tax therefore no way to raise moneyII. It had no control over interstate commerceIII. It had no control over individual states’ foreign policy(a) I only (b) II only (c) III only (d) I & II (e) I, II & III48. The three American diplomats sent to sign the Treaty of Paris in 1783 were(a) George Washington, Thomas Paine and John Hancock(b) Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Jon Jay(c) Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Alexander Hamilton(d) Ethan Allen, Paul Revere and Patrick Henry51. The Constitutional convention was originally called to (a) End slavery(b) Raise taxes(c) Strengthen the Articles of Confederation52 Which of the following was most important in creating the Constitution?(a) The leadership of George Washington(b) A series of compromise on difficult issues(c) A group of essays by Hamilton, Jay and Madison54. Which of these strategies were NOT used by the Federalists to win ratification of the constitution?(a) Preventing debate wherever possible(b) Publishing their views in newspapers and books(c) Acting quickly in states where they had a majority

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    The other answerer is mostly correct.42.A I agree45. Is actually D. The Articles of Confederation did actually grant the federal government sole power over foreign relations and the ability to declare war (see article 6 of the Articles of Confederation. Is Yale a decent reference? [external link] … 48. B I also agree51. C Agreed52. B Correct54. A Yes

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