Dorian Gray essay help!?

My essay assignment is this:argue that a major fault of many of the characters in The Picture of Dorian Gray is that they judge others by how they look or what they have rather than by the quality of their character. Include in your essay specific examples from the book. I have one or two ideas, but I just need a few more to get me going. Any help would be really appreciated!Thanks!

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  1. horographer says:

    From the very beginning when Lord Henry is chatting with Basil about the painting, he states, “but beauty, real beauty ends where an intellectual expression begins.” He goes on to basically say that thinking causes wrinkles, so it’s best to be brainless and remain beautiful rather than be smart and ugly.Another example is when Dorian takes Henry and Basil to see his new love, Sibyl Vane act.Dorian says: “It was here I found her, and she is divine beyond all living things. When she acts you will forget everything. These common, rough people, with their course faces and brutal gestures, become quite different when she is on stage. They sit silently and watch her. They weep and laugh as she wills them to do. She makes them as responsive as a violin. She spiritualizes them, and one feels that they are of the same flesh and blood as one’s self.” “The same flesh and blood as one’s self! Oh I hope not!” Exclaimed Lord Henry, who was scanning the occupants of the gallery through his opera-glass.”In that part you can tell that Lord Henry was appalled at Dorian suggesting that they would be of the same flesh as these “common, rough people, with their course faces.”Another example of judging by looks rather than by quality of character.Hopefully these two examples aren’t the two that you have already. Good luck!

  2. Anaximandrian says:

    Hello…Dorian Gray EssayThe Picture Of Dorian Gray EssayThere are certain aspects of Dorian Gray’s personality that make me think he is schizophrenic, such an example is multiple personalities. In the beginning of the story, Dorian was a young, attractive boy with cunning wit and a semi-feminine charm. It was just an ordinary day and all of the sudden, Dorian meets Basil Howard. Infatuated with his good looks, the beauty of Dorian hit Basil like a Mata bus. As Basil began painting a picture of Dorian, he met Lord Henry, a close companion of Basil and he too was struck by Dorian in a different way. He had interests of studying him instead of admiring him. Finally, Basil finishes the picture and in the first two chapters of the book and in one paragraph, you have met three contributions of Dorian’s conscience: the painting, Lord Henry Wotton, and Basil Howard.The painting was an obvious representation of Dorian’s conscience in my opinion because as his soul grew weaker, as did his conscience…You can get more info: