Help with introduction to Julius Caesar Essay?

Here is my introduction. Power is a thing most people strive for. However, in getting this power one may need the assistance of other people. Therefore, one needs to accept the opinions and ideas of others. They cannot simply revolve around their own ideas because they know they need more opinions in order to gain the power they desire. Once power is achieved does one still have an open mind to other people’s ideas? This is not the case in most situations. Generally, what happens is the power a person has causes them to think they are better than everyone and that only their ideas are the right ideas. If one does think like this, it will not be the best for them because one person does not know the right thing to do in every situation. Input from others is needed at some points because sometimes others can help the a powerful person to see the better way to do things. This is shown through many books, specifically, Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. In Julius Caesar, there are two characters with power, Caesar and Brutus. Caesar starts out with power and of course he does not want to listen to other people. Brutus only gains power by listening to others, but once he has power he no longer does this. In Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare, power corrupts Caesar and Brutus so that they only accept their own opinions which leads to the death of each of them. The last sentence is my thesis statement. Please let me know what you think and suggest any changes! Thank you! [:

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  1. rotarys says:

    It is a very good opening. The only thing I have to criticize is your thesis statement. The thesis statement is supposed to tell the readers what you are writing about in your essay. I obviously don’t know what the other parts of your essay are about, but if they do not correspond to the last sentence in your essay, then I suggest you change it.