Is double line spacing in MS Word 2007 the same as normal double spacing?

My English teacher set a requirement of the final draft of our essays having to be double spaced. I have Microsoft Word 2007. I never use it because I usually like to use the old-fashioned paper-and-pen method. When it says "line spacing" is that the same as double spacing? Can anyone help?

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  1. apposers says:

    Yes. Normal is single spacing, although Word 2007′s normal paragraph style is set to extra space between paragraphs. That doesn’t affect intra-paragraph spacing. Do this to set double-spacing:1. Select all the text you want double-spaced. (CTRL/A will select the entire document.)2. Right-click in the selection and select Paragraph from the pop-up menu.3. Set the Line Spacing list box to Double.4. Click OK.The text will now be double-spaced, and so will any text you add in that region.Hope that helps.