How to convince my dad into letting me wear makeup?

I just turned 13 on may 2nd and i think i'm mature enough to wear makeup. I need to convince my dad into letting me wear it. Because i have to do write a persuasive essay and this is what i want to persuade my dad into letting me wear makeup. I honestly don't want to wear a lot of makeup .. just a little eyeliner and mascara. i think i'm mature enough to wear it. i had a disscussion with my mom about letting me wear makeup and i told her i only want to wear mascara and eyeliner. she doesn't want me to look older than i actually am and i agree. most people assume i'm 15 when they first see me. i'm going to the 8th grade and i think it's time i should be allowed to wear makeup. my dad doesn't want me to wear it because he doesn't want his "little girl to grow up", i'm too young, or i'm pretty without it. i just want to have more self confidence. at times i feel like i'm pretty but not all the time. and i have big brown eyes so i think it'll look good with eyeliner also. i've always been into makeup as a little girl. well i need help PLEASE!

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6 Responses to “How to convince my dad into letting me wear makeup?”

  1. souaris says:

    Tell them you will be getting acne soon and at least convince them into letting you get a concealer and a face powder to cover those blemishes and redness you may get.(for redness buy a green concealer but use it sparingly).IF you don’t want face makeup tell them you know makeup isn’t completely appropriate for your age, but as long as it is worn correctly it can look really beautfiul.This may seem stupid, but look at my answer here: for tips on how to get good looking mascara. [external link] ;…As for eyeliner, white eyeliner on the waterline is cute, and brightens up your eyes with a bit of white/lighter than your skin eyeshadow on the inner corner and right on the brow bone (arch of the brow) but the eyeshadow is optional. eyeliner on the lower rim right along the lashes is cute, but it would look less dramatic and more natural/subtle if you use a brown eyeshadow (not too dark, not too light). And for the top lashes, don’t use liquid/gell eyeliner! too dramatic for your age, us a darkish brown or a black (depending on how dramatic you want it) eyeshadow and smudge it into the top lashes as close as you can to the lashes.natural eye look: [external link] …again, the eyeshadow is optional especially at your age, not recommended. just take tips from random youtube makeup videos, look at the “natural makeup look” ones ;]also, I wouldn’t suggest blush yet.and as everyone else has probably mentioned, work your way up.I would say to start with mascara, as it is less noticable,.then brown eyeshadow on the lower lashes, and maybe on the top lashes to define the eyes.then lipgloss.Then eyeliner on the top lashes liquid or gel.Etc.I suggest you watch youtube videos, to get different tips and see which work best for you.

  2. plaguing says:

    I had the same exact problem when I was your age!I just kept begging and begging and I started to wear a TINY bit (didn’t even make a difference) even without their permission and eventually I wore more and more and eventually my parents got over it and let me wear it

  3. inagawa says:

    Makeup is for movies and TV. In real-life makeup looks tacky because you can’t control the lighting like they do on a movie set. In addition, makeup is not good for your skin.

  4. ventricoseness says:

    tell your parents your going into 8th grade now and that your growing up you want to start with just mascara and then when they get used to that ask to wear eyeliner! don’t make a big change all at once do it gradually and your parents will be more comfortable with it!GOOD LUCK!

  5. zoographically says:

    alright well first paragraph do your intro and what make up you want to wear also expain you dont want to change your looks you just want to enhance them.only start out by eye liner mascara and a clear lipgloss or lip balm (tinted or clear).and a clear or white pearly color nail polish.for mascara you can use clear or black.eye liner go black on the water line no top just yet.and if possible nude eye shadow if you want to.also promise you will be resondsible and buy your own.also for body spritzer go fruity.and if they wont allow mascara curl your lashes.also if you dont want clear lipgloss choose one that is one or two shades lighter than your lips.also if you want blush choose one that matches your natural color when you exersise.but if you only want to wear eye liner and mascara that is fine.also have your mom help you pick out your colors.also got to a department store and get a make over with your mom show her you can wear natural looking make upalso if all fails ask if you can wear it around the house only until they ar comfortable to allow you to wear it around the house only.hope this helped.

  6. hlpchar says:

    To get my dad to let me wear makeup i started by slowly bringing the idea to him by wearing colored lip gloss then blush then eyeshadow then mascara then eyeliner and by the time i wore all that stuff at once my dad was like ohh ok that look fine. just slowly let your dad see you with a little more makeup everyday and don’t pack it on and he should be fine with it. Hope this helps