PLEASE HELP! what techniques and features did Vincent Van Gogh carry on in his work from realism?

HIGHER ART ESSAY.what techniques and features did Vincent Van Gogh carry on in his work from realism?how did his work change from the previous period?what techniques and features did artist in Expressionism carry on from impressionism/post impressionism?and which ways did the work change?please help, all answers much appreiciated! :)

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  1. theorymonger says:

    The use of color. Before is painting were dark and as time went on they became brighter.He was influenced heavily by his impressionist friends, Paris and Japanese prints.Earlier work consisted of peasant life and the gloom. His later works show more scenery and landscape.Expressionism still shows you the subject, gives you emotion and not necessary in the way most would see it. In impressionism it’s only the impression of the subject, mostly devoid of any solid line. You could just wiki this.Haha.

  2. aproned says:

    First is the use of color. Van Gogh was able to observe ordinary scenes and see both color and beauty in them. He let these shine through in his art. especially his later art contains a wealth of color and light, making him the first artist to really bring this impression to the ciewer (his friend Gauguin also did use color, especially in his Tahitian work, but not to the bright entend of Van Gogh, and not as profilic). Second is the nature of his work. Van Gogh e.g. did not believe in painting just a portrait. He wanted to bring you not just the look of the subject but their thoughts and soul as well. This deeper focus on the world beyond apperances, coming out not surprisingly at the same time as the analysis of Freud, brought the real of painting from the real of the obvious and beyond to what was hidden beneath.This dedication to not only the subject but the true understanding of the subject brought the world of art towards realism, and has inspired artists to this day.