Suggestions for a good hook for an essay on the Odyssey?

I'm writing an essay on the Odyssey that takes about the issues of hospitality and the differences between good and bad hosts. I need a good hook that goes along with a thesis " Undoubtedly, it's clear to the audience the message of hospitality in The Odyssey by Homer." Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. vorteil says:

    “The message of hospitality was undoubtedly clear in The Odyssey by Homer.” Don’t mention the audience, and try to sound very very confident. Don’t include anything like “In my opinion…, etc” because it makes you sound like you’re the only one who thinks so. Also, include what the clear message of hospitality was. Was it important? non important? I think if you could find some good quotes to back up why hospitality wasn’t important, it would be a good hook! Because as soon as someone reads that, they’ll say “WHAT?” and they’ll keep reading.Remember, if you do decide to say it wasn’t important, you never have to explain that it WAS important. It might sound stupid, but trust me. Confidence is key to these papers. Not sure if I helped a whole lot, but 1 answer is better than none, right? Haha, good luck.