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Here is my start- Romeo and Juliet is a play that ends in tragedy, but if Juliet had, had a stronger relationship with her parents would this of changed the outcome of the play, would the lives of Romeo and Juliet of been saved or is it just fate that brought the star crossed lovers to take their lives. Juliet does not seem to have a very strong relationship with her parents. Lady Capulet is the biological mother of Juliet but the nurse is the one who Juliet confines in when she has married Romeo and the one who has brought Juliet up as her own. In Act 1 Scene 3 Juliet’s mother tells Juliet that she is to marry Paris, at first she tells the nurse ‘Nurse, give leave a while’ but then she calls ‘Nurse, come back’ this suggest that Lady Capulet has not spent much time with Juliet and that she doesn’t really know her and how she will react, but if Lady Capulet had spent more time with Juliet and gotten to know her it would have been her that she confined in about her love for Romeo, and they may have been able to sort out there issues so that Juliet didn’t think her only option was to take her life so she could of been with Romeo. It is on the Q Juliet and her relationship with her parents and if they are to blame for the outcome of the play.Could you tell me how to improve thanks.

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    Hi, I will do a bit of editing, and change some phrases around. I think you need to explain more about the relationship between Juliet and her parents–talk about the fued with Romeo’s family, and the relationship between her mother and herself.It looks good so far-but try to dig deeper into the relationships. Remember, this is just one possible situation that could have changed the tragic outcome of the lovers. So always say, “Perhaps” instead of being definite that this ending could have saved their lives. I hope this helps. —-Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare about two young star-cross’d lovers who take their own lives. This paper will address will provide insight into one of the many explanations of this masterpiece–namely, if the tumultuous relationship between Juliet and her parents was to blame for the tragic death of the two young lovers. Juliet does not seem to have a strong relationship with her biological parents, Lady Capulet and Old Capulet. Juliet, being a dutiful daughter, loves and respects her mother, but more than anything yearns to please her. Lady Capulet is more eager to please her demanding husband than to pay attention to the silent cries of her daughter. Juliet’s relationship with her nurse is much warmer–the nurse has taken care of Juliet, physically and emotionally, since she was a baby. When Juliet marries Romeo in secret, she confides in the nurse, not her mother. In Act 1 Scene 3, Juliet’s mother tells Juliet that she is to marry Paris. Initially, she tells the nurse, “Nurse, give leave a while,” but then she calls the nurse back, signifying that Lady Capulet has not spent much time with Juliet and doesn’t know how she will react to the tragic news. Perhaps if Lady Capulet had spent more time with Juliet and had known her as the nurse did, Juliet could have confided in her mother about her love for Romeo. Instead, she felt completely alone.