Do you believe the comments made by Fidel Castro about Bush are true?

HAVANA - Fidel Castro wrote Tuesday President Bush is threatening the world with nuclear war and famine — an attack on Washington a day before the White House plans to announce new plans to draw Cuba away from communism. "The danger of a massive world famine is aggravated by Mr. Bush's recent initiative to transform foods into fuel," Castro wrote in Cuban news media, referring to U.S. support for using corn and other food crops to produce gasoline substitutes.The brief essay titled "Bush, Hunger and Death" also alleged that Bush "threatens humanity with World War III, this time using atomic weapons."Associated Press news article.

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15 Responses to “Do you believe the comments made by Fidel Castro about Bush are true?”

  1. trysts says:

    Well, I’m glad that Castro is criticizing the ethanol fraud. In the name of “alternative fuels” and saving us from “Global Warming,” it has become a bipartisan consensus in the United States that it is somehow a good idea to subsidize an unprofitable and wasteful fuel.Of course, it is true that there is a bipartisan debate in the United States about whether Iran should be nuked or rather the US government should just overthrow their democratically elected government.Of course, Castro is still wrong on many things in his own country. His health care system is a disaster, as is his entire economic system. His country remains Communist because of the idiotic embargos. Castro has a record of violating the rights of his people (well, if you don’t recognize property rights, you will inevitably violate the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that are derived from those rights).

  2. scrawnier says:

    Castro is a worst propagandist than Bush

  3. paymastership says:

    If they will not sell us oil for a reasonable price it is only logical to make full from our resources. So I suppose the world can eat its oil while we motor around the USA.

  4. costero says:

    Who listens to Castro?

  5. ratters says:

    I tend to believe much of what Castro is true. Diane Sawyer intervied him years ago. He shows he is smart and I was suprised he speaks English so well. That does not mean I trust what he writes or approve chis policies. I know the US has said Castro has hundreds of millions of dollars stashed in banks around the world. Castro was riled. He said, prove that I have even $100 dollars anywhere, and I will resign. And it is well known his living accomodations are spartan. Yes, he’s a Communist. I think just about alone in the world. But, I think he pretty much lives at the level of an average Cuban citizen. Open trade with Cuba and it would be my bet Castro would convert to capatilism and also take the step from Communism to Socialism. No, I don’t think it possible for Cuba to become a republic til he’s gone.On the topic of bio fuels. I have witnessed increased costs for corn, barley and other grains because of conversion to fuel. And sure even a slight increase in poorer countries could lead to famine. Even if you hate and distrust Castro on everything else, this one sure seems valid.On Bush starting WWIIIand nuclear weapons. I think not. He used a hostile title. I don’t care for Bush II. But I do not think he risks starting a nuclear war. We are definitely guilty of proliferating nuclear technology. We teach nuclear engineering to foreign nationals and we build them nuclear power plants. These are definite stepping stones to building bombs. Even if just dirty bombs. Really, more than nukes, we need to be concerned with germ warfare. After all when done, the attacker can remove your bodies, live in your house, even drive your car. Not so with nukes, the property destroyed and radioactive contamination.Scarey thinking what happens as the fuel runs out and more people and countries advance and want it. With current $3 plus gas it affects lots of people. I know some that have been reduced to welfare because they can no longer make the 50 to 100 mile daily commute. The US is too vast for public transportation except in the biggest cities. In 1978 I knew plenty of people projecting turning their cars into planters. I’m suprised we haven’t run out already.

  6. azulene says:

    No. Castro is a ruthless has-been dictator.

  7. disparager says:

    I do about WWIII.

  8. algamar says:

    I believe the WWIII comment is true. Bush is always threatening to use the bomb. But I don’t think Bush is threatening the world with famine. Over-population and mismanagement of food stocks threaten the world with famine, and Bush isn’t exactly responsible for either of those.And to Jeff A: Cuba was in poverty and destitution BEFORE Castro. He’s raised the literacy rate to 99% and all citizens have healthcare. Do you want the same dictatorship they had before Castro? You like them brownies workin’ the cane fields and servin’ yer cocktails for nickels a day, don’tcha?

  9. iribarre says:

    I don’t believe anything Castro says. He has destroyed Cuba and plunged its people into poverty and destitution. That’s why he wants to take the attention away from his failures and direct it to anyone other than himself.

  10. flapdragon says:

    im pretty sure bush wasnt the one pointing nuclear weapons at us thirty years ago. who was that again? oh yea- fideland WHAT? using corn for fuel is going to cause massive world famine? no- global warming, melting the polar ice caps, acid rain. those are things we should be worried about. not how much CORN people are or are not eating

  11. Soricoidea says:

    USA is a terrorist country. USA killed 1,000,000+ Iraqi Since 2003. USA used Atom Bomb on JAPAN. Twice. Shame.

  12. developers says:

    Castro seems to share a majority opinion world wide.

  13. stickit says:

    Those are the rantings of a lunatic… We have not even hinted at the willingness to use atomic weapons. Our using them would isolate us from the rest of the world and completely dismantle any leadership position we have built. And it’s funny, if Bush cut off funding for alternative fuel development (like ethanol) he would be branded as a fool insensitive to the global climate. Yet, here, he is being blasted for spearheading the use of alternative fuel sources. You can’t have it both ways. So, to answer your question, NO. Castro is a petty dictator of a starving 3rd world little country only about the size of Virginia. His own citizens are risking their lives every day to flee that place and cross the Gulf in make-shift rafts to get to the US. He needs to do this sabre rattling in order to drum up sympathy and aid.

  14. curatives says:

    Unfortunately, the press is so biased and unfair in these reportings. Especially from other countries. I am kind of of the old school that say’s believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.There is some much garbage that is being reported today I do not believe much of it. As for Bush…..I know he may not have done everything perfect, but I do believe He has done his best. Do I believe these reports about Him? Absolutely not.

  15. unlikely says:

    Iran is the most likey counrty to actually use atomic weapons, if they are allowed to get them.