Environmental invaders?

I need some help to pick out environmental invader, can you please help or give me some links abot environmental invaders so i can start my essay, i looked google, yahoo, ask, and etc and i cant find any good environmental invaders to pick one.Thank you

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  1. palsmei says:

    Kudzu, zebra mussels, English sparrows, and in England the American gray squirrel. Then there are the rabbits of Australia.An environmental invader is a plant or animal that’s introduced from a distant location. The new location often doesn’t have the invaders natural enemies so the invader grows unchecked. Worse, the invader often displaces domestic plants and animals. The gray squirrel was introduced into England and has driven the native red squirrel to the threatened list. Kudzu is great at stopping erosion. It also grows fast and is practically unstoppable. Zebra mussels arrive when ocean going ships blew their ballast tanks. Today they clog water intakes and cause millions in damage