How can I improve the last page of my english literature coursework? The essay is based on Othello?

Iago’s impiety is reinforced when he passionately speaks about desolation. The use of language ‘Plague him with flies’ evokes a vivid imagery of inescapable misery. The lack of rhyme scheme shows the speed of which Iago is speaking; giving the impression that Iago is excited by his plans to cause distress. At this point, although we recognize that Iago is inherently evil, we appreciate that his wicked role is essential, as without it we would not see the fall of the tragic hero Othello, and therefore the play would cease to be a tragedy. Using bestial imagery, we learn that Iago is indeed an explicit character. ‘Old black ram is tupping your white ewe’ ; this suggests that Iago feels superior to Othello. As humans are deemed superior to animals, the reference to Othello as an animal gives the feel of supremacy. It also emphasizes Iago’s manipulative side; he wants to provoke Desdemona’s father. The audience learn of Iago’s views towards love, disvaluing the idea of love being a virtue and instead referring to love as a ‘fig’ . The audience are shocked as this does not seem Christian; this reinforces the theme of appearance and reality. The illusion is that Iago is a wholesome Christian; whilst the reality is that he is ungodly and demonstrates attributes of the devil.We also learn that Iago has an unsteady relationship with his wife. ‘And chides with thinking’ reiterates the idea of Iago being an unlikeable character. We learn that Iago enjoys bigoted views towards women; the use of language ‘devils’ and ‘in your housewifery and housewives in your beds’ gives the feel of women only being useful for housework and marital duties. Also that he is superior to them; from the evidence above it can be inferred that Iago is a misogynistic. The impact on the audience is ambiguous; women may take this personally and feel very offended, intensifying their hate for Iago. However, the males may agree with his points, thus their relationship with Iago improves.Othello was written during a time where strong Christian values were instilled into society; therefore it is not uncanny that Shakespeare would share his Christian ideals with the reader. The theme of the tragedy reminds us of the biblical quote ‘a man reaps what he sows’, we examine our lives and understand that we get out of life what we put in. Although this moral is unfortunate for Iago, we are satisfied with the justice finally served. The constant reiteration of Iago's hatred towards Othello, such as the many instances when Iago refers to Othello simply as "the moor", reinforces the message that jealousy is detrimental. We are encouraged, therefore, to destroy any seeds of jealousy we may carry so that we do not hurt others or become bitter, like Iago. Although innocent civilians have been destroyed by the corrupted hands of Iago; he fails to show remorse which worsens the tragedy and furthers our repulsion towards him. Both Iago’s convoluted manipulation skills and irrational motives astound us, granting Iago the reputation as one of Shakespeare’s most dangerous antagonists.

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    If the essay is for an English Lit. class, I’m assuming they want to know HOW the text conveys what you claim it does. Focus more on the techniques implemented by the author (e.g. syntax, alliteration, etc.) rather than throwing the word “theme” around. An analysis that grounds itself in textual breakdown is very strong.