Can the ps3 do everything a computer can do?

I have a ps3 for a year now, and i've been playing online for approximately 1 month. I've started using the playstation store and the internet and was wondering if i could print things. I found out you could, but how do u hook a printer up to it? and what kind of printer do you need? Once you have that, can u write essays using microsoft word? is there any way to download microsoft word? Any other cool things u can do on a ps3?

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16 Responses to “Can the ps3 do everything a computer can do?”

  1. umeegsa says:

    The PS3 is pretty much a computer that cannot do any office funtions. You probably could find a way to mod a printer that would work with the PS3 but you wouldn’t really have anything to print. It HAS INTERNET just like a computer. You can type in urls and go to websites just like a computer. No I don’t think you can install Word onto it. You can voice chat with someone else who’s online like talking on a phone except on a PS3.

  2. rentmei says:

    Nop, it can’t do everything that a computer can. computer can do much more things then a PS3

  3. shave says:

    No the ps3 can do about 1/1000th of the things a pc can do. A ps3 cant play world of warcraft for a start ;)

  4. outgarment says:

    No you cant play games or get microsoft word but you can go on youtube and look at sites.

  5. batterie says:

    You hook a printer up just like a bluetooth headset. Of course the printer has to be able to be wirelessly hooked up though. No, you can’t write essays on there or put PC programs on a PS3.

  6. diamins says:

    No, a PS3 is not a computer.

  7. Priapuloidea says:

    YES U CAN you need do install the linxus operating system (like windows) though i dont no wer 2 buy dat 4rom thuogh u cn try ebay or amazon or sumfin hope dis helpz =)

  8. vslarry says:

    You couldn’t say everything, but it is close to that. Many people create what we programmers call “Home Brew” Where you basically create software for another product. Like the ps3! People can run linux on the ps3, you can also run windows, but im not sure about mac. It also has web cappabilites which makes it seem like it can do anything! It is lacking a few features, but it is way above and beyond The 360. Since you can put windows on there, you might be able to do printer. Also you could try blue tooth, just get an adapter (some ps3s have it build in, mine doesn’t though) then get one for your computer and transfer the data. This might take a while to research but i guess it’s worth the try!

  9. purveyancer says:

    No you can’t use microsoft word. But you can print web pages. Read the manual to find otu more about that. i think you have to link it up via usb.Its definately nothing like using the computer. I’d stick to doing your work and stuff on the computer.

  10. stacee says:

    With serious modification perhaps.

  11. contourne says:

    No. But it can do the basics, like movies, games and music and pictures

  12. Myxosporium says:

    no the do’nt have inerent

  13. scrolling says:

    no ps3 is no a computer its not that great

  14. soliloquys says:


  15. affix says:

    no Microsoft word…but if you can print stuff you would connect it to the same place as you connect a controller…

  16. arnason says:

    no you cannot