What should the title be for this english assignment?

im saposed to write and essay on the reasons why the character Odysseus from the Odyssey by Homer, should be critisized. here is the intro paragraph:A person can claim the title of a hero through bravery and acts of sheer power. We know them as warm, and caring people who fight for the sake of others. However, at times these amazing events can blind us from the soul of their true character. Anyone who has read about Odysseus in the story "The Odyssey" by Homer, would most likely refer to him as a hero. Though when you look past his unquestionable actions, Odysseus is a character to by critisized because of his sefish behavior and lack of loyalty towards his wife Penelope.can anyone come up with a title for this essay? thank you!

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  1. hellenists says:

    Wow, and I was supposed to write an essay how his journey transformed him into a different person. We’re doing Oedipus now.Ideas-A Hero? Or a Fake? (lol)Odysseus: An Uncomplete ChangeUncomplete TransformationGoodluck. (not a title)

  2. unsunburned says:

    Hi Wendy,How about ‘A Closer Look at Some Well-Known Heroes’ ?Or, something similar.Good luck with your essay!whizip

  3. charmless says:

    Blinded by HeroesHero Worship – is it warranted? Heroes, Not Gods Homer’s Hero? The Flaws EclipsedDiamond in the RoughOh, gosh. I doubt these will help much at all, but hopefully they’ll be of -some- use. :