Best lap top computer?

Hey can anyone recommend a good laptop for just simple things like internet browsing, dvd watching, essay typing, and cd listening like itunes and such..? I have a budget of about 900$. i want a good lap top that won't die and is reliable and what and lasts for a while. its for college and my last year of high school. please help! i'm totally lost here!

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  1. delaware says:

    something like a lenovo with a turionII and the amd chipset that has the ati 42xx would be a nice pick [external link] …u wont need more than 4GB of ram for a few years and if u ever do u can upgrade, it has a real graphics chip thats integrated to the chipset so its low power but it has the power to do gpu accelerated flash and media files, it also uses shaders so it will beable to decode future codecs instead of only being able to decode integrated codecs.then it has a 2.3ghz dual core so thats quick for a laptop and its amd so its will degrade slower than an intel part and it costs less, and its a lenovo so they are reliable and u can buy onsite support if u want and that will make it so u will never have long term down time if it dose break and they will come to u with a replacement.

  2. sauce says:

    Any Toshiba Lasts Awhile Ive Had Mine For Years

  3. refectory says:

    I agree with zanxabarky7. The Lenovo is a very reliable laptop. Just look around at the computer brands that the business people own. They must have a very reliable computer for their business operations, especially when they’re dealing with the stock market for daily reports. Most of these people I know have a Lenovo.

  4. grape's says:

    get a dell xps 16 or dell studio 15…that will last you for a couple of years and does more than your needs…if your looking to save some money then go for the dell insprion…

  5. hfszlim says: