Conclusion paragraph on my ‘Bullying’ essay?

I am writing an expository essay on bullying and i wrote my intro and 3 body paragraphs already. Ive been starring at my paper forever trying to think of what to write for my conclusion. please please help? id really appreciate it<3 thesis sentence: In order for students and teachers to prevent bullying, it is important to understand the reasons why people bully and the effects that come from it.

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  1. desoxyn says:

    Something with safe a life make school alot more fun have alot more friends treat them with kindness wether they are differant or the same. Evryone deserves to enjoy there day at school and feel welcomed and at home. Were all say your schools name. Were all from high and lets help by talking walking and doing what we say. Make a make a new friend today and try to smile at someone new everyday. Then continue dfoing that plus everyone you smile, When school is done bet the people remeber your kidness and not your bulling ways.

  2. unhallowedness says:

    Can I read your essay?