Essay on colors? HELP!?

Does anyone have any information on how colors affect our everyday life? We're supposed to be doing an essay on it. =3 I already know how the colors that make you calmest are green & blue- what other colors have an effect on the mind as well? XD THANKS!

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4 Responses to “Essay on colors? HELP!?”

  1. overthrowing says:

    well i do know that red yellow and orange, being the brightest, can make people feel happy or sometimes angry. i really don’t know too much on this but maybe you could do an expierement on it (if you have the time or course) i hope you can find what you are looking for and i am soor that i couldn’t have been of more help

  2. perceivability says:

    Color Psychology — [external link] …

  3. calystegia says:

    you can do your report on how colors can effect your emotions and feelings. for example if you are in the dark you might feel sad or depressed. where as if your in a meadow with pin, red ,orange and other colors you will most likely be happy or cheerful.

  4. rectoscope says:

    Black and dark blue add to a depressed mood. Red/orange can make you feel hot or mad. Pink makes you feel giddy. Sorry, that’s all I know…Answer mine? [external link] ;…